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Leave a lasting impression, e.g. with project presentations that your start-up uses internally for meetings or externally at appointments. We are happy to keep expanding our portfolio of available presentations and slides. Simply let us know what you need and we'll make it happen. Whether it's PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote for Apple users, our experts at UnicornPitch will be happy to support you with our years of experience.

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We have already implemented almost every type of presentation for our customers: From attention-grabbing event presentations to enchanting wedding programs. These included slides for workshops, hand-outs for teams, PowerPoint clips for storefronts, trade show presentations, anniversary speeches, elevator pitches, birthday presentations and plenty more wonderful content. In other words, whether you want to convince investors, attract trade fair visitors, bring your team on board, or even surprise grandma for her 80th birthday, you're in for a real treat. We will be happy to help you out as quickly as possible.

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We provide you with high-quality presentations from professionals with all the trimmings: emotive storytelling, stylish design, attention-grabbing structure. Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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Within 24 hours, depending on your needs. Punctual and reliable delivery every time - whatever option you choose.

Available on-demand

Flexible choice of various design levels and upgrades.

From start-ups for start-ups

We know exactly how to perfectly present yourself as a start-up. We also handle all of our ordering and feedback processes the way we have always hoped for as founders.

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There’s no such thing as hidden charges with us. Simply select the services you need and we'll get started. You only have to pay for what you have booked.


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*Minimum order: 10 slides


29€ / Slide

Top design quality from an experienced designer at a super price.
  • Professional Designer
  • Assigned contact person
  • Design including stock images
  • 1 Layout suggestion in advance
  • 1 Feedback revision
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49€ / Slide

High quality design for
special presentations.
  • Senior Designer
  • Assigned contact person
  • Design including stock images
  • 2 Layout suggestions in advance
  • 2 Feedback revisions
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69€ / Slide

Particularly creative design tailored to the highest standards.
  • Art Director
  • Assigned contact person
  • Design including stock images
  • 3 Layout suggestions in advance
  • 3 Feedback revisions
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optional FEATURES


  • Content Pre-Design (+29€ / Slide)
  • Content work (individual pricing)
  • Animations (+€9 / slide)
  • Suitable icon set (+€49 / 10 Icons)
  • Video conversion (+€19 / slide)
  • Master Light (+€199 / 5 Master slides)

optional EXPRESS
Completion in 3 business days

+25% /

Completion in 2 business days

+50% /

Completion in 1 business day

+75% /

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PowerPoint presentations are digital slideshows created to visually present information, ideas or concepts. They consist of a series of slides that can include text, images, graphs, charts, animations, and audio or video clips. In start-ups, corporations, and academic environments, they are used to support pitches, lectures, workshops, reports, marketing purposes, and more.

In a presentation, information is clearly arranged on several slides and, depending on the context, prepared for a specific target group. On the other hand, in a document, the most important information is summarized in a condensed format on one or two pages.

Standard delivery for a custom presentation, such as trade show presentation, event presentation, elevator pitch and more takes between 5-7 business days.

Do you need your order to be ready within three business days or do you need it to be ready the next day? We're happy to help. When things need to move fast, we'll step on the gas for you and provide you with our express delivery service.

Presentations are also commonly referred to as lectures, slideshows, or demonstrations.

Our services include PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slide, We will be happy to create your presentation in another program at your request.

In order to reach your target group in a targeted manner, we will send you our briefing form in advance where you can specify all your essential information with regard to content and design. The more precisely you fill out the briefing form, the more accurately we can meet your expectations. From the right colors to the ideal font, our designers will make sure your audience is engaged at all times.

Our main goal is that you are 100% satisfied with your final product. That's why we offer review cycles. Choose either one, two or even three review cycles and improve your customized presentation right up to the final slide.

We offer a wide range of upgrades to take your presentation to the next level. Would you like an animation to liven things up or a selection of custom icons? No problem. If that's not enough, we also offer image licenses for web and print or even a Master Light. You decide what you need.

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