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Kick-off to success: The perfect design

Do you want your pitch to be an eye-catcher? Are you looking to impress your investors with your business idea? We are happy to provide you with professional design support. We offer three different levels of design quality to take your presentation to a whole new level. Just let us know what you need: Do you want the design to be elegant and convey a serious approach? Or do you want something innovative? Absolutely no problem for our experienced design experts. And don't worry, we will naturally be guided by your company's or start-up's corporate design (CD) and corporate identity (CI). You can also specify the amount of review cycles to polish your pitch deck to perfection. Simply choose the most suitable design package for you from the following options.

Includes one design sample and one review cycle
Includes two design samples and two review cycles
Includes three design samples and three review cycles
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Quick support

On top: Professional content creation

Are you looking for a second opinion or could your core messages use some fine-tuning? Simply provide us with your input and we'll get to work on the content. Choose from our two different content tiers.

Your existing content will be edited into the right layout and our content experts will make minor adjustments (e.g. text arrangement).
Our content experts will supplement your presentation with information provided by you and use it to develop further key messages.
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Customizable configuration

What UnicornPitch has to offer

Your project to suit your budget. Simply configure the services you need. You will only be charged for what you have ordered. There’s no such thing as hidden costs with us.

Our service is distinguished by a simple process that will guide you from start to finish: we will transform your imagination into reality without any complications.

Your project is our priority. We will implement your order quickly and reliably. Good to know: you will be assigned a personal contact person who is responsible for your project.

Preserving confidentiality is our top priority. Your information will be kept confidential and we can assure you that confidentiality is always part of the process. Therefore, a signed NDA is always included.

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Do you have any questions?

We’re happy to discuss all your questions with you.

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