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Process graphics: Present information in a simple & understandable way.

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Why do I need professional infographics??

Pictures speak louder than words. Infographics refers to the art of conveying complex facts, data volumes and multi-layered information clearly at a glance. Professional infographics help your customers understand complicated processes, products or services in a straightforward format and without any background knowledge. The visualization of facts and processes simplifies investors' access to business models and showcases your start-up’s USPs at a glance.

Clear and convincing

What does a good infographic accomplish?

A professional infographic delivers convincing results by presenting comprehensive processes, large amounts of data and timelines in a clear way. You can use them to convince investors and get business partners on board. Infographics provide a visual argument for the profitability of your business. It also demonstrates achieved and future milestones using visual storytelling with the help of your startup's roadmap.

Simple benefits

Advantages of professional infographics

Demonstrates USPs and milestones at a glance
Usable as an argumentation aid
Visualizes complex issues
Conveys data and information in a simple way

Share your vision

Create the perfect infographic with UnicornPitch

We're your reliable partner when it comes to providing compelling infographics. Our graphics experts know exactly how to turn facts and figures into clear, high-quality presentations that will successfully support you when it comes to attracting investors. Are you looking for infographics for your pitch deck to help illustrate your ideas? Maybe you'd like to explain a new process in your next workshop? Whether you're using PowerPoint or Google Slide, our experts at UnicornPitch will quickly create infographics to help you on your path to success.

Less is more

We’re experts at reducing content to its essentials while emphasizing a core message.

Simple visualization

Our design team knows how to present complex data and relationships as simply and stylishly as possible.


Our design team can bring your graphics to life in a playful way at your request.

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Customize our services to suit your needs. You will only be charged for services that you have booked. Without any extra charges or hidden fees.

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Bring investors on board quickly and efficiently with infographics from UnicornPitch.

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As your trusted PowerPoint agency, we are also happy to assist you and your start-up with the creation of pitch decks, company presentations, sales presentations, master slides, documents and much more.

Frequently Asked Question


In short: Infographics are used to visualize complex information and interrelationships and present them in a comprehensible way. You can use infographics to visualize and compare complicated processes and large amounts of data.

An infographic is a visual presentation tool that uses pictorial elements such as graphs, charts, and symbols to present complex information in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Infographics are often very compact and contain only the most important information to facilitate comprehension. A document is more of an information carrier and mostly consists of text, graphics and a well-organized structure.

Standard delivery for your infographic takes between 5-7 days.

Do you need your order to be ready within three business days or do you need it to be ready the next day? We're happy to help. When things need to move fast, we'll step on the gas for you and provide you with our express delivery service.

Infographics can also be referred to as information graphics, data visualization, statistical graphics.

Our services include PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slide, We are happy to create your infographic in another program at your request.

As a first step, we will send you our briefing form, where you can specify all the important information about the content and design. The more precisely you fill out the briefing form, the more accurately we can meet your expectations. From the right color to the right font, our designers will ensure that the infographic complies with your brand guidelines.

We want you to be happy with your final product which is why we offer review cycles. Select just one, two or even three review cycles and improve your infographic down to the last slide.

Do you need an additional business presentation, sales pitch, pitch deck, or document? Simply click here and find out more about our other products.

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