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Order a professionally crafted pitch deck and convince your investors

Inspiring pitch presentations for amazing startups.

From €29 / slide
pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck
Over 6,000 companies and partners have already chosen UnicornPitch.
pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck

Outstanding design

Why is a so professional pitch deck important?

With investors, the first impression always counts. Whether it's for Series A, Series B, seed funds or crowdfunding and Kickstarter campaigns, you'll need a compelling pitch deck to present your startup and your ideas, as well as innovative products and services, in the best possible light. A professional pitch deck will drive your startup forward and gain you attention and credibility.

pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck

Less is more

What does a pitch deck deliver compared to a business plan?

Unlike the business plan, which presents your startup in great detail, the pitch deck generates interest and helps you get that famous first foot in the door to success. A pitch deck is similar to a trailer for your idea and should be informative as well as emotional, motivating and inspiring. Being more of an appetizer, it is still not a substitute for the business plan which provides a more detailed look at your business. Therefore, in terms of the number of slides and the length of the text, the “keep it short & simple” approach should be followed.

pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck

Our UnicornPitch mission

Inspire, emotionalize & engage

A thoughtful and well-designed pitch presentation is the most important tool for attracting and retaining investors, business angels, venture capitalists and crowds in the long term. It is also a decisive factor influencing the success or failure of your start-up. Many founders have overlooked the important role a high-quality pitch deck plays in convincing investors because they were short on time. So, if you want to be on the safe side: Get help from professionals who will keep track of all the important details for you.


Well-designed pitch slides present your ideas and your start-up in a comprehensible and compact way and attract long-term interest from your target group.


A clearly structured pitch deck builds confidence in your abilities and commitment as a founder.


A professionally designed investor pitch deck presents the USPs of your services / products authentically and at first glance.

pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck

UnicornPitch - Always by your side

How do you create a
compelling pitch deck?

Is your start-up a unicorn? Then it’s time to show it. And communicate your vision, mission, and USPs in a captivating format using thoughtful storytelling and structured design. Need some help? No problem! We know all the tricks and tips to get investors on board. From the basic structure to the refined finishing touches, we are happy to support you in creating a convincing presentation that will lead you to success:

Determine target groups
Define core messages and messaging
Deliver direct communication using text and images
Build a clear structure for the investor presentation
Visual inspiration thanks to modern design
Condense content into 10-15 concise pitch slides
pitch deck - Pitch Deck


Perfect pitch decks with UnicornPitch

We are experts and know what excites investors. Around 5,500 founders have already placed their trust in us and created successful pitch decks with our support. Whether it's PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote for Apple users, our experienced designers will help your startup shine across all popular formats and mediums.

We know what makes a good pitch deck and what factors investors value.

We have successfully demonstrated our content and design expertise in over 5,500 delivered pitch decks.

If you like, we can even have your pitch deck reviewed by our experienced content team.

pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck

Sparring partner

Do you have questions about your pitch deck?

We’re happy to discuss all your questions with you.

pitch deck - Pitch Deck


Without detours: reach your goal quickly with our easy-to-use ordering process

Simply upload the draft of your pitch presentation - e.g. your PowerPoint. Our content managers will polish your wording and our designers will layout your deck to perfection. Plus additional benefits for you and your startup:

Transparent costs
Fast completion
Plus satisfaction guarantee
Always by your side: Your personal project manager
pitch deck - Pitch Deck


Transparent pricing

Only book what you need. We offer variable and efficient services that will help push your pitch deck to the top. Suitable for every requirement and timing.

pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck


The right package for every presentation

*Minimum order: 10 slides

pitch deck - Pitch Deck BASIC DESIGN

29€ / Slide

Top design quality from an experienced designer at a super price.
  • Professional Designer
  • Assigned contact person
  • Design including stock images
  • 1 Layout suggestion in advance
  • 1 Feedback revision
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pitch deck - Pitch Deck ADVANCED DESIGN

49€ / Slide

High quality design for
special presentations.
  • Senior Designer
  • Assigned contact person
  • Design including stock images
  • 2 Layout suggestions in advance
  • 2 Feedback revisions
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pitch deck - Pitch Deck EXCLUSIVE DESIGN

69€ / Slide

Particularly creative design tailored to the highest standards.
  • Art Director
  • Assigned contact person
  • Design including stock images
  • 3 Layout suggestions in advance
  • 3 Feedback revisions
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pitch deck - Pitch Deck optional FEATURES


  • Content Pre-Design (+29€ / Slide)
  • Content work (individual pricing)
  • Animations (+€9 / slide)
  • Suitable icon set (+€49 / 10 Icons)
  • Video conversion (+€19 / slide)
  • Master Light (+€199 / 5 Master slides)

pitch deck - Pitch Deck optional EXPRESS
Completion in 3 business days

+25% /

pitch deck - Pitch Deck optional SUPER EXPRESS
Completion in 2 business days

+50% /

pitch deck - Pitch Deck optional ULTRA EXPRESS
Completion in 1 business day

+75% /

Become a unicorn!

Trust the experts at UnicornPitch to help ensure your startup's future success.

pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck
pitch deck - Pitch Deck

Are you looking for more?

In addition to pitch decks, we offer assistance with sales presentations, event presentations, company presentations, master slides, infographics, and much more.

pitch deck - Pitch Deck

Frequently asked questions


A pitch deck is a presentation created by companies or startups to convince investors or potential customers of the value of their business model, product or service. A professional pitch deck conveys all the essential information in a short amount of time and in a visually appealing format. his makes it the ideal tool to inspire investors and obtain funding.

A pitch deck is a visually appealing summary that communicates all of the key information in a short amount of time to make a lasting impression. A business plan, on the other hand, contains detailed information about your business: The business model, finances, growth strategy, market analysis and operational processes. While a pitch deck is created for a presentation or an initial meeting with investors or partners, a business plan provides comprehensive information.

Standard delivery for your pitch deck takes between 5-7 business days. If you have additional requirements and also require content, this period can vary. If you need more info, feel free to contact us here.

Do you need your order to be ready within three business days or do you need it to be ready the next day? We're happy to help. When things need to move fast, we'll step on the gas for you and provide you with our express delivery service.

There are many names for a pitch deck: Investor presentation, investor deck, pitch presentation or investor pitch, startup pitch, funding deck, pitch, sales deck.

Our services include PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slide, We will be happy to create your pitch deck in another program at your request.

As a first step, we will send you our briefing form, where you can specify all the important information about the content and design. The more precisely you fill out the briefing form, the more accurately we can meet your expectations. From the right colors to the ideal font, our designers will make sure your pitch deck reaches its target audience.

We want you to be happy with your final product which is why we offer review cycles. Select just one, two or even three review cycles and improve your pitch deck down to the last slide.

We offer a wide range of upgrades to take your pitch deck to the next level. Are you looking for an animation to liven things up or a selection of custom icons? No problem. If that's not enough, we also offer image licenses for web and print or even a Master Light. You decide what you need. If you're not looking for a pitch deck feel free to check out our other products.

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