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We excel at master slides.

Achieve your perfect presentation template with UnicornPitch

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Why does my company need well-designed presentation templates?

A slide master created by a professional is an indispensable framework for your business communication. Presentations with a coherent design convey your message to business partners, consumers and investors in a direct way. This ensures that your unique products, ideas and services are presented in a unique form that leaves a lasting impression.

Less is more

What is the structure of a professional master template?

Perfect master slides are the foundation of your communication and visualize your values, vision and achievements. And, with the help of design that speaks the language of your target group.

You can highlight what your company is all about.
Structure your messages.
Communicate your corporate identity.
Present in a consistent corporate design across all major formats

Our UnicornPitch mission

We excel at master slides.
Achieve your perfect presentation template with UnicornPitch.

We know what presentation templates should look like. We will be happy to help you with the design and composition of compelling presentation templates. Once they have been professionally designed, you can use our master slides to create CI-compliant presentations for all your presentations and documents on your own, without any design skills.

Reusable templates

Our design team will provide you with a variety of structure and design templates that will help you with your daily business.

Fast and reliable completion

Within 24 hours, depending on your needs. Punctual and reliable delivery every time - whatever option you choose.

Perfect design

Our experienced design and content team will take care of the preparation and design of your master slides.

Personal project manager

Your permanent contact person at our company. Always by your side.

Sparring partner

Do you have questions about your pitch deck?

We’re happy to discuss all your questions with you.

UnicornPitch –Always by your side

Transparent pricing.

Easily book flexible and efficient services for the creation of your presentation templates. Suitable for any company size, industry and deadline.

Become a unicorn!

Trust the experts at UnicornPitch to help ensure your startup's future success.

Are you looking for more?

In addition to pitch decks, we offer assistance with sales presentations, event presentations, company presentations, master slides, infographics, and much more.

If you don’t ask...


A master slide is a template for designing and formatting your presentation: it includes colors, fonts, placement of text blocks and images - such as logos and graphics. This enables you to quickly and easily give your presentations a consistent look across all slides. A master slide also gives you the option to create different types of slides. Also extremely useful: when you change something in the master slide, the design is automatically applied to all slides. With the help of a master slide, you’ll save a lot of time designing individual slides meaning you can get straight into the content.

Master slides determine the design and formatting for the entire presentation, while a unique design is only applied to selected slides. Changes to the master slide are automatically applied to all slides. This enables master slides to ensure consistent design and efficiency across all of your presentations.

Standard delivery for your master slide takes between 7-10 business days.

Our services include PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slide, We can also create a master slide for other programs on request.

As a first step, we will send you our briefing form, where you can specify all the important information about the content and design. The more precisely you fill out the briefing form, the more efficiently we can meet your expectations. From the right colors to the ideal font, our designers will make sure your master slide reaches its target audience.

Our main goal is that you are 100% satisfied with your final product. That's why we offer review cycles. Select just one, two or even three review cycles and improve on your master slide as much as you like.

Do you need a sales presentation, company presentation (see other presentations) or are you looking to impress investors with a professional pitch deck? Then click here and learn more about our products.

People like to use different terms for the master slide. We have listed a few synonyms for you: Master slide, master slides, template master, slide template, slide layout.

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