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Sales decks: Clear the stage for your products & services.

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How important is a professional sales presentation?

An eye-catching sales presentation puts your product portfolio in the spotlight and convinces consumers, business partners and investors alike. When done well, it showcases selling points, terms, prices & packages in a high quality format without getting lost in the details.


Advantages of a professionally created sales presentation

Delivers a structured overview of products and services
Convinces the audience using the right sales arguments
Directly addresses the target group with its design and text
Impresses thanks to its high-quality appearance

Success factors

The best sales presentation? This is how it’s done.

Convince your customers with a persuasive sales presentation. What do you need? Good quality product images, clear texts with all the necessary information and designs tailored to the desired target group. Many founders and entrepreneurs are often unaware of how much potential remains unutilized by using faulty, outdated and unstructured sales presentations. The solution? Informative, emotive and well thought-out sales presentations from professionals that consumers and partners will remember.

Sales Support

Achieve your perfect sales presentation with UnicornPitch

Our design and content experts know what needs to be included in a convincing sales presentation. From target group-specific design, a clear sales argument structure to superbly presented use cases and price tables - naturally, everything is tailored to you and your start-up.

Conversion optimization

We know how to get your sales message across and leave a positive long-term impression on your customers.

Precise design

Underlines the value of products and services. And attracts the attention of your desired target group.

Clear price management

Create transparency for consumers, investors and partners with the right structure for your offer packages and price lists.

Personal project manager

Your permanent contact person at our company. Always by your side.

Content is king

Optional: Our content service

Worded precisely to the point. Content rules! - Make sure your sales offer has the right arguments to go with it. Our content specialists will optimize the structure and content of your sales presentation. In addition to classic product features, this also includes a suitable mix of information about the company and pricing.

Sparring partner

Do you have questions about your sales presentation?

We’re happy to discuss all your questions with you.

UnicornPitch is happy to support you!

Simple booking

Our services and prices are designed to be transparent. You can be sure that there are no hidden costs with us.


The right package for every presentation

*Minimum order: 10 slides


29€ / Slide

Top design quality from an experienced designer at a super price.
  • Professional Designer
  • Assigned contact person
  • Design including stock images
  • 1 Layout suggestion in advance
  • 1 Feedback revision
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49€ / Slide

High quality design for
special presentations.
  • Senior Designer
  • Assigned contact person
  • Design including stock images
  • 2 Layout suggestions in advance
  • 2 Feedback revisions
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69€ / Slide

Particularly creative design tailored to the highest standards.
  • Art Director
  • Assigned contact person
  • Design including stock images
  • 3 Layout suggestions in advance
  • 3 Feedback revisions
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optional FEATURES


  • Content Pre-Design (+29€ / Slide)
  • Content work (individual pricing)
  • Animations (+€9 / slide)
  • Suitable icon set (+€49 / 10 Icons)
  • Video conversion (+€19 / slide)
  • Master Light (+€199 / 5 Master slides)

optional EXPRESS
Completion in 3 business days

+25% /

Completion in 2 business days

+50% /

Completion in 1 business day

+75% /

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A sales presentation is used to sell products or services. It is used to convince potential customers of the benefits and features of various products or services.

Sales presentations focus on a specific offering and are designed to persuade customers to buy products, services and support. On the other hand, pitch decks are used to convince investors or business partners of a company's business idea and potential.

Standard delivery for your sales presentation takes between 5-7 business days. If you also require content, this period may vary. If you need more info, feel free to contact us.

Do you need your order to be ready within three business days or do you need it to be ready the next day? We're happy to help. When things need to move fast, we'll step on the gas for you and provide you with our express delivery service.

Sales presentations can also be called, for example, sales pitch, sales talks or product showcase.

Our services include PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slide, We will be happy to create your sales presentation in another program at your request.

As a first step, we will send you our briefing form, where you can specify all the important information about the content and design. The more precisely you fill out the briefing form, the more accurately we can meet your expectations. From the right color to the right font, our designers will make sure your sales presentation complies with all your branding guidelines.

We want you to be happy with your final product which is why we offer review cycles. Select just one, two or even three review cycles and improve your sales presentation down to the last slide.

We offer a wide range of upgrades to take your sales presentation to the next level. Are you looking for an animation to liven things up or a selection of custom icons? No problem. If that's not enough, we also offer image licenses for web and print or even a Master Light. You decide what you need. Not looking for a sales presentation? Do you require another type of presentations? No need to worry. We also offer other products. Click here and find the product that’s right for you.

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